WELCOME TO THE SNOW PLOW DOLLYTM ONLINE Introducing Our Snow Plow DollyTM Systems - We are the “ORIGINAL INNOVATOR” of Snow Plow Installation/Removal Equipment Tired of moving that heavy snow plow? No one around to help when you need help the most? Bad gas mileage because you end up leaving the plow on your vehicle? We have the answer to your problems. No special tools needed or parts to loose.... Just Pull up, Hook-up, And be on your way in a few short minutes!! The Snow Plow DollyTM and Plow Lever-RTM will work with any type of residential snow plow or vehicle. It doesn't matter if you have a new "easy mount" snow plow or the older type...you still have to make the final alignment by pulling and pushing your 700 lbs. snow plow before you can hook it up to your vehicle. By using the Snow Plow DollyTM and Plow Level-RTM, pushing and pulling like you've done in the past can now be done easily with one hand. New in 1999 was our HEAVY-Duty Snow Plow DollyTM  System. This dolly was built for the larger plows in the 71/2' - 10' Category which weigh more than 700 lbs. You don’t want to waste precious time outside during the harsh Winter weather, so use The Snow Plow DollyTM System and get back in the warmth quicker. The Snow Plow DollyTM, Heavy-Duty Snow Plow DollyTM and Snow Plow Level-RTM Sytem is available directly through us, or one of our fine distributors.  © 2012 - 2013 Copyright Plow Dolly - All rights reserved The Original Snow Plow DollyTM Systems The Snow  PLOW DOLLYTM  by   DANT Enterprises